"just like flowers who bloom into their final form,

people do the same as they grow in life,

bloom is a place where people flourish and thrive"

Tim Beckerling

Bloom Coffee is a practical example of an innovative business model paying tribute to entrepreneurship and the infinitely diverse coffee culture. 


Bloom Coffee represents the collaboration of a team of entrepreneurs who are not afraid to push the boundaries in their respective fields. By bringing their guiding pillars of coffee, food, and entrepreneur development into harmony, their goal is to elevate the experience for their customers whilst maintaining a meaningful development process for their staff.


Located on 4th Avenue, Parkhurst,  our goal is to shift the current standard and redefine the “coffee break”.


Our commitment 


Bloom Coffee is committed to bridging the gap between coffee and igniting independent business opportunities for our staff, suppliers and customers.


The Bloom Coffee business model remains rooted in the idea of entrepreneur development and the aim of enabling our staff to one day run their own Bloom premises through a development and training programme. 


With owners Alan and Kgabo having dedicated the best part of their professional careers to enterprise development, Bloom presents an opportunity to showcase their ideas and create more avenues for enabling and enhancing business opportunities for entrepreneurs.